Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The actuator seems to be frozen or too stiff.

A: The actuator pressure is directly related to the amount of lift required for your boat. Larger, heavier boats require more lift at the stern. The plate and actuator pressure need to be sized to fit your boat. (For example: An ST1290-80 means that the actuator has 80 pounds of resistance. It is going to be hard to compress by hand. Make the adjustment as shown on pages 8 to 10 in the installation manual, and they will work properly.

Q: My boat is not as fast as it was before using SMART TABS.

A: There are two probable causes which require a simple adjustment.

  1. Before installing SMART TABS you may have the motor “Trimmed” in toward the transom so that the boat planed quicker. For boats with electric tilt and trim, trim out when on plane. For Boats without electric tilt and trim move the trim rod to at least the middle position so that the motor is straight up and down. You will regain the speed and improve efficiency.
  2. SMART TABS may be incorrectly adjusted with too much pressure. Reduce the pressure by moving the actuators to a lower number on the plate, closer to the transom.

If the boat is equipped with any other planing device such as a hydrofoil or fixed trim tabs, remove them and do not run the boat with both.

Q: My boat does not plane any better with SMART TABS.

A: If the correct model has been chosen, this will be remedied by increasing the lift pressure. This is accomplished by moving the actuator to a higher number on the plate, further away from the transom. If increasing the pressure does not give satisfactory results, call Technical Support at 800-233-0194 for assistance.

Q: My boat is unstable at high speeds.

A: On fast boats this is called “chine walking”. The boat is running on a very small part of the hull. Increasing the lift pressure will permit SMART TABS to resist the side-to-side movement and stabilize the boat.

Q: Do I remove the zip tie from the actuators before use?

A: No. The zip ties help seal the rubber boot and are used to identify the actuator pressure rating when ordering replacements.

SMART TABS Actuator Color Coding System For Easy Identification

Part Number Color Pressure
GA5000-90 ** White 90 Lb.
GA5000-80 ** Black (All) 80 Lb.
GA5000-70 ** Yellow 70 Lb.
GA5000-60 ** Blue 60 Lb.
GA5000-40 ** Red 40 Lb.
GA5000-30 ** Purple 30 Lb.
GA5000-20 ** Green 20 Lb.

**Note: Add “X” for SX Series SMART TABS Add “T” for Stainless Series SMART TABS.

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