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I have been using Smart Tabs on my 1974 Checkmate since 2004. My brother, an engineer and avid boater, recommended them to me as a solution to the difficulty of cornering with the Checkmate that I had experienced since purchasing the boat. The difference in handling was very noticeable from when I first got the boat in 2002. Getting up on plane was so much quicker, but the biggest change was in the cornering with my small boat with a 50hp Johnson. I could now make quick corners without the boat leaning precariously at full speed.

Ronald ThiboutotTiverton, RI -- $100 June Review Winner

About eleven years ago I installed the SX tabs on my B20 Sundance skiff and am still impressed by the quality of the product and the improvements to the ride. It’s all true…better handling at slow speed, smoother ride, faster acceleration and come on plane quickly.

Based on my years of experience with the SX Tabs here are a few suggestions:

  • Put a little silicone on tip of the actuator to prevent any possible water intrusion.
  • Bottom paint the tabs as well as the rubber boot to prevent marine growth.
  • Install the Plate Retractor Kit if you run in shallow water and might run aground or if you beach your boat. Also helps if you trailer your boat.
  • And the best suggestion…look at the videos and read the instructions.
Jim White Chincoteague Island, VA - $100 April Review Winner

I was amazed at the change that I experienced during my first run with Smart Tabs. The time to get on plane is less than 3 seconds and I do not lose sight of the horizon. Normally my boat struggles to get on plane and I lose sight of the horizon. The porpoising I usually experience crossing wakes is gone, and I can run through a chop without bouncing. Installation of the Smart Tabs takes approximately 30 minutes of labor. The Smart Tabs are one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. I am so happy with my purchase. My boat is a Lowe 175 Fishing Machine (Deep V Aluminum) with a 90 Mercury Optimax.

Ricky MestayerSulphur, LA - $100 May Review Winner

I love my boat, but from time to time the ride is rough. Maneuvering while in idle is hard, and it gets hard to plane when I go fishing with my buddies. So I started researching how to better upgrade the boat, or maybe even turn it in for a bigger boat. I came across SMART TABS and gave it a shot due to the good reviews and feedback. I have to say I’m truly pleased and thankful for this product. All my problems went away once the tabs were installed. I will stay with my boat for many more years to come.

Len GarciaHomestead, FL - $100 March Review Winner

This is my second set of SMART TABS – one set on my first boat and just bought a new Nautic Star 1910. And let me tell you, they really work great! On plane in seconds and great handling of the boat noticed right away. Why spend a lot of money for the $500.00 ones – no need, they work just as good. And let me tell you, what a great company and customer service!

Here is a little story: I ordered the wrong ones for my boat off a marine company online. I was told that they were the correct set for my boat…I called where I bought them for an exchange and they wanted to charge for a restocking fee plus a shipping fee. I contacted Nauticus and…what great service! The gentleman I spoke to told me that he will be shipping me out the right ones at no charge. I shipped the wrong ones back to him and everything worked out great. THANKS! Now there is a company that cares about their customers.

So let me tell you boaters out there: if you want a great product and great customer service be SMART and order Nauticus SMART TABS. You won’t be sorry!

Alexander LupinskiThe Villages, FL - $100 February Review Winner

I put Smart Tabs on my 18′ Chaparral runabout and removed my hydrofoil. They are awesome and I love them! They keep the bow down and eliminate the porpoising.

Gary DillSt. Peters, MO - $100 July Review Winner

I finally decided to buy these after I was tired of having to stand up when starting to see in front of me. I am shocked at how well these work. They increased my top end speed, but I am more excited about the ability to plane and hold it — even through wakes is easier.

The other shock that I was not ready for is how much they made turning easier. My buddy who has a jet boat could not believe how sharp and quick I could turn…felt great to turn like that. My boat felt like a big bus before, now it feels like a sports car in the corners.

Ken SilkWinnipeg, MB, Canada - $100 August Review Winner

Decided I did not want to hang the drift sack off the transom cleats anymore when trolling. Bought a set of ProTrollers and installed them. All I can say is WOW. I picked up one mph on the top, but it takes longer to get there. I am thinking it’s additional drag from increasing the surface area in contact with the water but the advantages far outweigh this little issue. The boat planes immediately and I no longer run a full midship-located live well to balance the boat.

The trolling speed at idle was decreased by one mph and the boat rides so much smoother it is amazing. I suffer sciatica pain from a fragmented disc and almost sold everything. After the install of the PTs I do not take nearly the beating that I used to. I can now hit pontoon boat wakes at a 90 degree angle without chopping the throttle and I hardly notice the shock/impact. That was a benefit I did not expect from a small pair of self-setting trim tabs.

Thanks Nauticus, you have a great product.

And I usually do not review or participate in CS surveys, but this product amazed me.

Randy BergenDandridge, TN - $100 September Review Winner

I installed my new Smart Tabs on my 17 foot Cobalt in the summer of 2018. I immediately noticed a huge difference in the way my boat took off and handled, especially cutting through oncoming wakes from other boats. Before, my boat would go up and crash down hard! Now it cuts like a filet knife through butter. I’m so happy I found Smart Tabs, they make my day on the water so much more enjoyable.

Joe PetzelGreen Bay, WI - $100 October Review Winner

Raise your performance expectations.

Our breakthrough technology in trim tabs are completely automatic requiring no operator adjustment while underway. Nauticus trim tabs self adjust according to how you load and maneuver your boat.

The nitrogen Gas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holding the trim plate down during acceleration. The amount of LIFT is determined by the actuator load rating and the trim plate adjustment, which is done at the time of installation.

About Us

In 1999 when our patent was issued we said it was “The Simple Solution!” Today we know SMART TABS are much more than a solution to poor handling and performance issues. As one boat builder says, “they make a good boat better!”

There is no doubt that SMART TABS solve problems, but this simple fully automatic trim and stabilizer system offers improvements for small craft well beyond the consumers desires and expectations. Improvements in acceleration, bow angle (“hole Shot”), ride and handling, top speed, and even fuel economy are documented by OEM builders, by numerous national and international magazine tests, and most important, hundreds of consumer testimonials. Over the years and after selling thousands of sets to satisfied customers our confidence has grown to the point that we assure customer satisfaction with a ‘money back performance guarantee.’

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Smart Tabs

The first and most effective automatic, boat-specific trim tab system. Constructed of marine-grade stainless steel and designed with maximum mounting versatility for a wide range of applications.

Smart Tabs II

The ST1610 Series is ideal for low profile fiberglass, aluminum, and RIB design boats with transom widths less than 10 feet (trailerable boats).

Smart Tabs SX

All of the fully automatic features of our original SMART TABS, in addition to the rust- and corrosion-free benefits of molded composite materials.

ProTroller Series

The ideal trolling plates for Walleye fishing and fishermen looking to reduce their trolling speed.

Mobster Tabs

Improve hole shot and stabilize high speed runs automatically with Mobster Tabs. Specifically designed for Bass Boats.


Electromechanical trim tab systems for the leisure and commercial marine markets.

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